C*SIV Databases

C*SIV uses the SQLite Database Management System

  • SQLite is an in-process library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.

SQLite is included with the C*SIV installation.

It is an embedded Database file – not requiring a Database Server.

There is ZERO need for IT Database Support

C*SIV Databases:

  • Reside in folder of users choice
  • On Demand Connection
  • Simple create New Database process
  • Copy Database for next Submittal
  • Delete Database as needed
  • Archive Databases
  • Restore Databases

Manage Validations

Decide which Validation(s), by Validation Type, are most applicable to your Program/Organization/Business Unit. Turn OFF those Validations which do not apply based on Data Configurations.

Four Manage Validation Options are available, each with many choices

  • CPD
  • SPD
  • SPD vs CPD
  • SPD vs MPP

Manage Validations can be saved, Exported as a Template and Imported into another C*SIV Database

MPP Mappings

Each MSProject File can contain its own Field Mappings or Field Mappings can be shared across MSProject Files via Mapping Templates

When selecting the MSProject File, a pick list of Field Mappings is generated based on the MSProject File selected

MPP Mappings are used to identify which field in the MSProject File contains the related IPMDAR SPD data. These mappings are then used during the SPD vs MPP Validations.

IPMDAR Validations

There are two options when executing IPMDAR Validations:

  • View JSON in Excel
  • Run Validations

View JSON in Excel: Reads the SPD and CPD files and converts to an Excel Workbook with each JSON table in its own worksheet. Data is then in Human Readable format.

Run Validations: Executes CPD, SPD and SPD vs CPD Validations based on the Validation Management options.

  • Each Validation Type shows in a Validation Grid
  • Each Grid will indentify PASS or WARNING
  • Grid Filtering is available
  • Each Grid can be exported out to an Excel Workbook for additional filtering/analysis

SPD vs MPP Validations

Select the SPD file and the associated MPP file which was used to create the SPD JSON Data.

Execute Validations:

  • Validations Excecuted based on Validation Management
  • Data Comparison based on MPP Field Mappings
  • Validation will indentify PASS or WARNING
  • Grid Filtering is available
  • Validation Grid can be exported out the an Excel Workbook