Extract, Transform and Load

  • CCDR FlexFile JSON
  • CCDR Legacy Excel/XML
  • wInsight XML
  • Excel

C*CERT+ Databases

C*CERT+ uses the SQLite Database Management System

  • SQLite is an in-process library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.

SQLite is included with the C*CERT+ installation.

It is an embedded Database file – not requiring a Database Server.

There is ZERO need for IT Database Support

C*CERT+ Databases:

  • Reside in folder of users choice
  • On Demand Connection
  • Simple create New Database process
  • Copy Database for next Submittal
  • Delete Database as needed
  • Archive Databases
  • Restore Databases

FlexFile Source Data

Four TAB Delimited TXT Files are required as the Source Data:

  • Calendar
  • WBS
  • Actuals
  • ETC or FAC

The TXT File Schema's are quite simple and can be provided by Midnite Dynamics

Cobra Interface

Included in C*CERT+ is a Direct READ ONLY Interface with Deltek's Cobra software application.

C*CERT+ provides data pull configuration options for:

  • Program(s) selection
  • Account Configuration
  • Calendar Selection
  • Data Configuration
  • Optional TAG Field selections

The C*CERT+ / Cobra interface supports both SQL Server and ORACLE Databases.

The C*CERT+ / Cobra interface data extractions can be used to support the following Reporting requirements:

  • CCDR: Legacy
  • CCDR: FlexFile

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DELTEK is a registered trademark and COBRA is a trademark of DELTEK.

Structures Setup

The C*CERT+ Navigation provides a Setup group which is where all of the Report Configuration, Meta Data and Structures are created. Most of this area is typcially non-recurring effort - but can be updated at any time.

FlexFile Mappings

The Mappings group is where the Report Configuration/Setup and Source Data come together. All of the Mapping user interfaces can be exported out to a user friendly Excel Template, updated and then imported back in.

The C*CERT+ Standard Category Mapping Rules is a feature that is highly recommended. Using this feature has proven, time and time again, to save a tremendous amount of time and costs.

FlexFile Allocations

Allocations is where costs are Allocated to the DD 2794 WBS and Unit/Sublots - buy Order/Lot and End Item Combinations.

The Excel export/import functionality is often used to share allocation responsiblities with other Program areas.

Export     Import  

FlexFile Validations

C*CERT+ provides 70+ FlexFile Data Compliance Validations performed on the Source Data imported and after all the mappings and allocations have been completed.

C*CERT+ Validations will identify FlexFile Report issues before any execution of JSON outputs or Excel Analysis tables.

Not only will potential issues be identified, but C*CERT+ will show exactly where the issue(s) exists.

Each FlexFile Validation is presented within its own Data Grid.

Enter WBS/Summary Remarks directly within the Validation module for every applicable validation and WBS elements!

FlexFile Reporting

C*CERT+ JSON Outputs creates all of the Cost Hour Data and Quantity Data FlexFile JSON files based on all the Mappings and Allocations.

A ZIP file is then created for each FlexFile Type containing the JSON files as per the FlexFile DID submittal Requirements.

C*CERT+ FlexFile Reporting Options:

  • FlexFile Cost and Hour
  • FlexFile Quantity Data
  • Import JSON to Internal Workbook
  • Send Internal Workbook to Excel
  • FlexFile data in 1921 and 1921-1 Excel Format
  • Report Comparison
  • Analysis Reports with Multiple Filtering
  • Allocation Reports with Multiple Filtering
  • And more...