Extract, Transform and Load

  • CCDR Flex File JSON
  • CCDR Legacy Excel/XML
  • wInsight XML
  • Excel

C*CERT+ Databases

C*CERT+ uses the SQLite Database Management System

  • SQLite is an in-process library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.

SQLite is included with the C*CERT+ installation.

It is an embedded Database file – not requiring a Database Server.

There is ZERO need for IT Database Support

C*CERT+ Databases:

  • Reside in folder of users choice
  • On Demand Connection
  • Simple create New Database process
  • Copy Database for next Submittal
  • Delete Database as needed
  • Archive Databases
  • Restore Databases

FVCR Source Data

Four TAB Delimited TXT Files are required as the FVCR Source Data:

  • Calendar
  • WBS
  • Actuals
  • ETC or FAC

The TXT File Schema's used for Legacy and FlexFile can also be used for the FVCR. These Schema's are quite simple and can be provided by Midnite Dynamics

Cobra Interface

Included in C*CERT+ is a Direct READ ONLY Interface with Deltek's Cobra software application.

C*CERT+ provides data pull configuration options for:

  • Program(s) selection
  • Account Configuration
  • Calendar Selection
  • Data Configuration
  • Optional TAG Field selections

The C*CERT+ / Cobra interface supports both SQL Server and ORACLE Databases.

The C*CERT+ / Cobra interface data extractions can be used to support the following Reporting requirements:

  • CCDR: Legacy
  • CCDR: FlexFile

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DELTEK is a registered trademark and COBRA is a trademark of DELTEK.

Structures Setup

The C*CERT+ Navigation provides a Setup group which is where the following items are created:

  • Meta Data
  • DD 2794 WBS
  • Templates

Most of this area is typcially non-recurring effort - but can be updated at any time.

C*CERT+ Templates in FVCR are used for those Programs that have one or more Variants as part of their DD 2794 Plan.

FVCR Mappings

In the FVCR Mapping Group the following is performed:

  • DD 2794 Reporting WBS Element report requirements.
  • Delivered Units To Date and Delivered Units At Complete by Reporting WBS Element
  • Internal Units To Date and Internal Units At Complete by Reporting WBS Element
  • WBS Element Remarks as required
  • Allocate Source Data Accounts to a DD Form 2794 Reporting WBS
  • Fixed and Variable Identifier
  • Functional Data Elements Mapping

The C*CERT+ Functional Data Element Mapping Rules is a feature that is highly recommended. Using this feature has proven, time and time again, to save a tremendous amount of time and costs.

Legacy Validations

C*CERT+ provides 11 FVCR Data Compliance Validations performed on the FVCR Source Data imported and after all mappings have been performed.

C*CERT+ FVCR Validations will identify FVCR Report issues before any execution of the FVCR Report.

Not only will potential issues be identified, but C*CERT+ will show exactly where the issue (s) exists.

Each FVCR Validation is presented within its own Data Grid

FVCR Reporting

C*CERT+ creates the required Missile Defense Agency's Fixed and Variable Cost Report.

The MDA FVCR Report output is an Excel Workbook with each required Reporting WBS on a separate worksheet.

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