C*CERT+ streamlines, automates, validates and produces the:

  • FlexFile Cost and Hour JSON files
  • FlexFile Quantity Data JSON files
  • Legacy DD 1921 series - both Excel and XML (1921, 1921-1, 1921-2 and 1921-5)
  • Missile Defense Agency: Fixed and Variable Cost Report (FVCR)

Midnite Dynamics will continue to support the Legacy DD 1921 series formats until they are officially retired.

C*CERT+ eliminates what is otherwise a manually intensive, resource draining, tedious and costly effort to produce these CCDR Reports which are subject to recurring rejections.

It is one thing to create the required FlexFile Formats or Legacy Reports for submittal - but C*CERT+ through its numerous Data Validations and Analysis Reports provides assurance that the data is 100% compliant before it is submitted.

C*CERT+ has a 10+ year successful track record of successful CCDR submittals.

The big advantage of C*CERT+ is that it is the only autonomous software application that interfaces with your existing EVM and Accounting Systems. This removes the requirement of having to procure an additional, comprehensive EVM System just to produce the existing Legacy CCDR Reports, the new CCDR Flex File (JSON Files) or Consolidate separate CLIN/Task Order Projects for singular Contract Reporting.

C*CERT+ was purposely designed with the flexibility to receive data from multiple source data systems. For example: an Actual Accounting System and also an Earned Value System

Why is this important? While some companies may bring the level of Actual “Cost Collector” data required for the FlexFile into their Earned Value systems – at Midnite Dynamics we decided to provide the flexibility to receive this level of data from either an Accounting system OR an Earned Value system. We recognize that the Forecast data required by the DID FlexFile will most certainly exist in an Earned Value system, could be planned at a higher level than the level that Actuals are collected and as such C*CERT+ will accommodate this as well. C*CERT+ is the Engine that Consolidates, Allocates and Maps this data for CCDR Reporting.

CCDR Report:

  • 1921, 1921-1, 1921-2, 1921-5
  • Excel and XML Outputs
  • FlexFile: Cost and Hour
  • FlexFile: Quantity Data
  • cPET Template Outputs
  • Missile Defense Agency: FVCR

Data Consolidation:

  • Multiple Contracts ⇒ 1 Contract
  • Multiple Projects ⇒ 1 Contract
  • Multiple CLINs ⇒ 1 Contract
  • Multiple Task Orders ⇒ 1 Contract

Data Integrity:

  • 40+ CCDR Legacy compliance validations
  • 70+ CCDR FlexFile compliance validations
  • 10+ FlexFile Data Analysis Reports
  • 11 FVCR compliance validations
  • Multiple Excel Analysis Outputs