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Reproducible, Reliable and Sustainable CCDR Reporting


Best-In-Class DOD IPMDAR SPD and CPD Validations

Best-In-Class DOE PARS DS00 - DS21 DIQ Checks

Our Services

CCDR Reporting using C*CERT+

C*CERT+ streamlines, automates, validates and produces the:

  • FlexFile Cost/Hour JSON
  • FlexFile Quantity Data JSON
  • Legacy DD 1921 series - Excel/XML (1921, 1921-1, 1921-2, 1921-5)
  • Missile Defense Agency: Fixed and Variable Cost Report
  • View FlexFile JSON results in Legacy 1921, 1921-1 Excel

DOE PARS DIQ Checks using C*SIV

Comprehensive PARS Critical, Major and Minor DIQ checks.

  • Validation checks compliant with JSON Schema version 5.0.3
  • DIQ checks against all JSON Datasets: DS00 - DS21
  • Compliant with all PARS Cost and Schedule DIQs
  • Output Cost Datasets to Format 1 and 2 Excel Workbook
  • Local, Quick Turnaround, Anytime Results

DOD & NASA IPMDAR Validations using C*SIV

IPMDAR validations supporting DID, FFS, DEI, EVM-CR requirements.

  • Compliant CPD and SPD Validations
  • SPD vs CPD Validations
  • Native Schedule File vs SPD Validations
  • Output JSON CPD to Format 1 and 2 Excel workbook
  • Local, Quick Turnaround, Anytime Results

CCDR as a Service

Customized services focusing on your organization’s challenges.

  • Assist in Preparations for CSDR Readiness Review
  • Thorough review of DD 2794 Plan confirming execution compliance
  • Hands-on CCDR development and delivery using C*CERT+
  • On-demand assistance throughout the CCDR lifecycle
  • Assistance with any corrective actions and required Remarks