The only Autonomous CCDR software application that interfaces with your existing EVM and Accounting systems!

C*CERT+ streamlines, automates, validates and produces both the Legacy 1921 family of Excel and XML reports and the new CCDR Flex File (JSON files) — to eliminate what otherwise is a manually intensive, resource draining, tedious and costly effort to produce these CCDR Reports, subject to recurring rejections.

C*CERT+ supports both the existing Legacy CCDR Reporting requirements and the new CCDR Flex File requirements:

  • 1921, 1921-1, 1921-2 and 1921-5 reports
  • Compliant Excel and XML outputs
  • Cost Hour Flex File - JSON
  • 1921-Q Flex File - JSON

Our Differentiator

Reproducible, Sustainable and Reliable CCDR Reporting

  • Complete and Accurate CCDR reporting results obtained using C*CERT+. Replicated again and again.
  • Easy to maintain and update the source cost data throughout the lifetime of the Program CCDR cycle and reporting schedule.
  • 100% DID compliant. 100% Customer Focused. Excellent Customer Support.